Jes at work. Sunset.

Break Ups and Promotions – The Juxtapositions of Life.

So I have been MIA from blog-world for a bit, due to a couple of crazy weeks and some life changing events that meant I was a little preoccupied. Let me explain…

Because my blog is only in it’s infant stages the more personal details of my life are not yet publicly known. What you may or may not have picked up on was the presence of a certain man in my life, Ryan. For the last five years Ryan has been my best friend, partner, family, support system, everything. We had, on all accounts, a great relationship and shared a fantastic five years. And two weeks ago we decided (to the shock of all friends and family) to end our relationship.

We made the very difficult decision to part ways because, although we loved each other, we were simply not compatible and needed different things. It was one of the most difficult decisions I have ever had to make. Fundamentally there was nothing really wrong with our relationship and that’s what made it so hard to end. Why ruin a good thing? But just because something wasn’t necessarily broken, doesn’t mean it was necessarily right.

Ending my relationship not only meant loosing the companionship of my best friend, it changed my life overnight. I hadn’t been on my own for five years. Shit I hadn’t really been on my own ever. Ryan and I got together when I was 17, so I had either had my family, or him, as support. He had backed me up throughout all the major milestones in my life so far; leaving home, attending university, starting my career, and now I was alone. I had to leave all the comforts of my old life and enter a new one.

It was scary – but at the same time, it was exciting? I was scared of being on my own, moving into a new house with strangers, but I was also excited to have my whole life open wide and full of new possibilities. Ryan felt the same way – which confirmed for both of us that we had done the right thing.

So, in one week I ended a relationship, found a new place to live, and started a new life on my own.

The next week began, and I was presented with more life changing news, but of the positive variety, showing that you really never know what’s around the corner in this crazy thing we call life..

I was given a promotion! From my position as Marketing Coordinator to the fancy new position of Marketing Manager. WOOHOO!! It was a completely unexpected announcement, but due to a few events at work it was decided to fast track my career in the company and I am PUMPED. To be Marketing Manager after only graduating from university recently is major for my career – I was so stoaked!

THEN the end of the second week brought more news. I was notified that I had been chosen as a finalist for ‘Rookie Marketer of the Year’ in the TVNZ Marketing Awards! WOW!!!! (These are New Zealand’s leading marketing awards – major WIN! BIG DEAL!!!!)

Check it out - my name is on the list - it's official!!!
Check it out – my name is on the list – it’s official!!!

So. It has been a crazy, emotional roller coaster couple of weeks! Massive lows, and massive highs. But if these events of late have taught me anything it’s that life is crazy, but at the end of the day everything seems to work out… I’m writing this post sitting on a very comfy couch in a new apartment full of friendly, new people, feeling more excited about the years ahead than I have in a while. Of course getting used to single life is a whole other thing entirely, and I am still missing Ryan’s company, but baby steps, OK! 


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