FYI I don’t want to ‘have it all’, it’s quite exhausting actually.

Our generation apparently wants to ‘have it all’. But do we? Because where I’m sitting it seems like there are an awful lot of things that are expected of us nowadays, and I’m not sure that we ever asked for it – I somehow think life just started getting a little crazy, we all ran with it, and now its a standard requirement to live these high paced, completely fulfilled, insta-worthy lives that aren’t actually achievable.

How are you supposed to live life all #yolo like Instagram claims – go travelling; have an amazing apartment; meet up with friends for drinks, then coffee, then more drinks; cook from scratch using organic, whole, all-natural foods; live with no debt; go to the gym multiple times a week; look after your mental stability with yoga and meditation; wear the latest trends; dedicate time to your career; discover ‘yourself’ and your ‘passion’ etc etc etc – on a base salary with only 24 hours in a day?


IT IS SIMPLY NOT POSSIBLE! I am not a super women with unlimited levels of energy, wit and designer clothes!

From where I sit it seems that chasing this impossible ideal of what society believes as the perfect life is creating a generation of tired, stressed, twenty-somethings with a nice collection of debt. Well that’s how I feel anyway.

I feel tired of trying to juggle everything that I ‘need’ to do, tired of feeling guilty when I don’t make it to the gym or forget to mediate (slash I don’t think I have mediated at all this month.. Oops), tired of feeling inadequate because I can’t cook quinoa (where did it even come from all of a sudden?!), tired of feeling FOMO when I see Facebook friends post photos of incredible trips they can somehow afford, tired of fighting off my credit card debt, tired of looking for things to post to Instagram that make my life look cool. (Btw, feel free to follow me on Insta if you want to – I post only the prettiest aspects of my life 😛 )

So you know what? FUCK IT. I don’t want to have it all. I just want to have what makes me happy. And at 24, I don’t know what those things are.

But what I do know is that chasing this ideal of ‘having it all’ isn’t the way to happiness for this twenty-something. And maybe just knowing that is enough for now. Phew!

I don’t really know where I was going with this post – guess I just wanted to have a bit of a rant. Rant below if you feel the same. 😉 

Jes x


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