I think I’m having a quarter-life crisis

Just FYI, I think I am experiencing a mid-twenties freak out. Or what’s more commonly referred to as a quarter-life crisis.

I just read a Buzzfeed article titled ’10 signs you’re having a quarter-life crisis’ and agreed with basically everything in the article, so if that’s not a surefire diagnosis, I don’t know what is.

Wikipedia defines the quarter-life crisis as:

A period of life usually ranging from the late teens to the early thirties, in which a person begins to feel doubtful about their own lives, brought on by the stress of becoming an adult.


Current feels...
Current feels…

I’ve been in my new job for approximately 6 months, and about a month ago it occurred to be that I hated it. It’s stressful, it makes me constantly anxious, the clients are a pain in the fucking ass, and above all, I just don’t feel passionate about the work I’m doing.

Blah blah blah, I know it sounds so cliche. What does ‘feeling passionate about the work you do’ even mean? Do people ever, really feel passionate about a job? I mean, it is just a job after all.

And it is that, exact, attitude that has made me decide to give it all up and pursue something different. I don’t want to do something that is ‘just a job’. I want to spend my days doing something worth while. Something that means something to me. Whatever the FUCK that means.

Up until this point I have been the ‘together’ one, the one who knows what she wants to do, who works hard, and loves her high profile career. And now I am just like every other twenty-something who has yet to ‘find themselves’.

It’s quite relaxing to be honest.

I’ve been working hard to be ‘successful’ for the past 6 years. I worked my ass off at university, then worked my ass off at my first job, and am now killing myself at my current job. I’ve never failed before, in the traditional sense, but I don’t feel ‘successful’ – I feel tired.

I’m only 24. I shouldn’t be tired. I should be excited to live life!

I don’t want to live the rest of my life in a career that makes me stressed, busting my ass for some lame deadline for an ungrateful client.

So now I have no idea what I want to do with my life. Which is quite exciting, but also quite nerve raking. All I know right now is that I have an incredible urge just to run away and life like a hippie by the beach for a while. I just want to escape this depressing, corporate trap I have found myself in. Unfortunately the reality is that I can’t just up and leave my current job to run away towards the sunset until I decide on my next move… So I have to sit tight for the moment.

But watch this space! I’ll figure it out.


Please tell me I’m not the only one who is experiencing this. Share with my internet people!

Jes x


8 thoughts on “I think I’m having a quarter-life crisis

  1. Jess. I totally feel the same way. I turned 25 recently and have hit a full blown quarter life crisis!

    I started a new job (a promotion) at the end of last year and 6 months in I was so confused. I thought all I had wanted was to be poached by one of the biggest brands in my city. Then I would be “successful” and “happy”. Well that’s what happened… But I didn’t feel successful or happy. So I felt pretty crappy and knew that I had to do some personal development and really just figure out what it was that would make me happy. I needed to, to be better to myself and better at my work.

    Luckily, I came out the other end happier than ever. Work is amazing now that I know myself better. I can align my values and beliefs with my work which makes me feel more fulfilled, like I have a purpose for getting out of bed each day.

    One thing that really helped me was reading a couple of books from an Australian disruptive entreprenur, Lisa Messenger. She is so inspiring and I would highly recommend reading her books if you’re interested in doing any sort of personal development. I read her book “Life and Love” and then “Daring & Disruptive”. She also has “playbooks” which walk you through some worksheets that help you discover your strengths, values, wants, needs etc.

    Best of luck with your journey. I am sure every twenty something has been through this before too and if you ever want to chat with another twenty something who totally gets your pain, let me know 🙂



    1. OMG I am obsessed with Lisa messenger! I just finished ‘daring and disruptive’ and I read her magazine, the collective, religiously. I’m feelin ya girl, on the complete same page! So glad to hear you have found your purpose. I’m still working through mine, but feel like leaving my last job was a definite step in the right direction. Thanks for checking out my blog and commenting! Stay in touch xxx

      1. Haha I know right. Total girl crust on Ms Messenger. Are you Aussie? Super happy for you that you’ve made that step. Best of luck. Will be a regular reader of yours I am sure 🙂 K xx

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