Creating something valuable

I always wanted this platform to first and foremost be a positive creative outlet for me, and secondly, to provide something of real value to the world.

‘Value to the world’ is perhaps a bit intense… After all this blog is just a very, VERY small fish in a pond almost infinitely large, the internet. But if even just one person came across this and could relate and feel more connected, then that would be success to me.

I haven’t published anything for a while because I began to feel the pressure to just ‘get something out’ in order to have a regular presence. It didn’t feel as authentic as when I started, or as fun.

My recent experience in advertising has made me particularly aware of just how much clutter people are exposed to on a daily basis. I was helping create uninspiring campaigns that simply added to the noise, and I hated it. Why would you spend time and effort creating something that doesn’t do anyone any good? I may have all of .2 readers (oh hey guys! Ha…), but I feel very strongly about creating content that has integrity and heart.

Does anyone really need another ‘5 work wardrobe updates’ blog post…?

So I took a bit of time out to think hard about what I wanted this blog to be both for myself and (any) readers out there. I want Jes at Work to be an honest, unapologetic recollection of a twenty-something. A place that presents all the highs, lows, concerns and celebrations as I try to figure it all out. And if any likeminded twenty-somethings stumble across this little space, that they’re like ‘Hell yea, I’m feeling ya!’.

We are all stumbling through one of the most defining decades of our lives, so we gotta stick together. There’s a lot of shit to discuss!

So with that (#deep) confession done and dusted, here’s hoping from here on out everyone can find a little piece of value when happen across this blog, as little or insignificant as it may be. 🙂

From one twenty-something to another… 

Jes x


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