Book Review: Daring & Disruptive by Lisa Messenger

If you have not yet come across Lisa Messenger or the magazine she is editor-in-chief of, Renegade Collective, you need to CANCEL all your plans and go out and grab yourself a copy RIGHT NOW.



Hands down the most inspiring magazine for business women on the market – I’m obsessed with it, and in turn, obsessed with Lisa Messenger. If you are sick of the superficial nonsense that most women’s magazines push at you and want something that inspires and celebrates successful, innovative women and men, then The Collective is for you and Lisa Messenger is your woman.


Messenger’s book, Daring & Disruptive, follows the same themes as the magazine as she shares her successes in business and inspires you to be ‘daring & disruptive’ as you follow your dreams, entrepreneurial or otherwise. It’s a short, easy read but it packs a lot of punch.

It’s also just a really nice book to look at, with artwork and photography disbursed throughout, a feature I love in the magazine as well (can you tell I’m a fan..?).

From a quick look you could be tricked into thinking this short book is a fluffy, feel good read. Nice enough, but nothing that is going to leave a lasting impression. But you would be wrong. I was surprised at just how inspired I got reading this. I finished it within a week and once I had finished I was READY TO ACT! I wanted to seise the day, sort my shit and start being daring and disruptive! 


This book is one of the reasons that I have started putting real effort into this blog, and have actively started putting some serious thought into making my entrepreneurial ideas a reality.

If you are looking for a bit of inspiration, pick up this book and give it a read. I promise you won’t regret it. Buy it on Amazon at the following link:

Daring & Disruptive: Unleashing the Entrepreneur

Jes x


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