Why everyone’s obsessed with yoga. Are you? (INFOGRAPHIC)

As someone who is a bit of a stress head, I’ve discovered that yoga is essential for relaxing me the fuck out. Without it, I can become a tense, bratty, emotional, dramatic piece of shit. Better to avoid that… 

But I’m not the only one that has become obsessed with the practice. Studies show that almost 40 million Americans regularly practice yoga – that’s 15% of the total US adult population.

With good reason. A recent article from Huffington Post demonstrates how yoga benefits your body from the very first day you start practicing. 


For me, the biggest benefit I get from yoga is the effect it has on my mental health. I not only feel relaxed, but I also feel grounded, more connected to my body and the earth, and grateful for my blessings. I haven’t found any other physical exercise that even comes close to bringing that sense of peace and well-being.

Now time for some downward dog. NAMASTE, MOFOS.

Have you discovered the healing benefits of yoga? Share your experiences below. And if you want to continue the conversation, like Darcy Adventures on Facebook



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