7 signs you’re ready to be your own boss.

After a lot of soul searching, I have decided that I’m finally ready to be my own boss. I always had an inkling that I wanted this, but it’s easy to get caught up in the rat race and find yourself stuck working for someone else. I always made the excuse that the timing wasn’t right, that I need to gain more experience, that I’d make the move ‘in a few years’. But I see so many inspiring people already carving their own path and doing amazing things that I’m like ‘Why can’t I do that too? What am I waiting for?’. 

To me, being your own boss doesn’t have to mean running an empire, it could simply mean working for yourself – being in control of how you earn your money, instead of relying on a salary.

Are you ready to be a #girlboss? If you relate to more than a few in the list below, maybe you just might be…

1. You want more control of your time.

Having a structure and a routine works well for some people, and then it really doesn’t work well for other people. To me, variety is key. I hate having to live by someone else’s schedule, i.e. my boss, and turn up to the office at 9am every single day. If it’s a beautiful day, all I want to do is go to the beach. Being stuck in the office kills me.

2. You want to choose what type of work you do.

Being your own boss means you aren’t restricted by a ‘job title’ – by the box that an employer puts you in. You can take advantage of your full range of skills. That’s what really excites me. I have a pretty short attention span for things I’m not interested in – like the mundane, day to day shit that you do in a normal job. I could work on my blog one day, do freelance marketing projects another day. Or maybe I’m feeling less creative, so I could do some analytics for the social media feeds I manage. It’s up to me!

3. You have a roaring passion for something other than your current job. 

Being your own boss isn’t easy. There is no regular, guaranteed pay check so you have to go out there and just do it – otherwise you won’t get paid! In order for that to be successful you have to have passion for what you are doing. I’m driven by this intense desire to be in control of my own destiny, so that’s what’s going to drive me. That passion is what I day-dream about when I’m sitting in the office, bored out of my mind.

4. You are comfortable being in charge. 

This one is pretty obvious, but worth mentioning nonetheless. If you prefer to take direction from someone else, being your own boss is going to be hard. I’m that horrible person that takes control in any group situation, that gets frustrated having to follow someone else’s rules. I’m very comfortable being in charge.

5. You are resourceful and ready to hustle.

As mentioned in point #3 – being your own boss is hard. You have to be able to GET SHIT DONE. You have to be crafty, resourceful and decisive. You have to seek out those income generating opportunities, because they aren’t going to be delivered to you on a silver platter. It’s going to be hard – at least for the start anyway.

6. You constantly find yourself going against the gain of what’s expected at work (you aren’t comfortable ‘fitting in’). 

A traditional workplace (most that I have experienced anyway), despite what they say in their ‘mission statement’ about being innovative, creative, thinking outside the box, blah blah blah, usually deep down just want people to conform to the norms and get their work done without making too much of a fuss. If you, like me, find this hard to do, a traditional workplace might not be the best fit for you.

(Side note: Just last week I decided that I didn’t like where my desk was situated in the office and wanted to move to the spare desk opposite me so I had a better outlook and ‘feng shui’. Honestly, the shit fight that ensued was ridiculous. Everyone kept asking me ‘But, WHY do you want to move your desk? Why are you doing this?’ Because I fucking WANT TO ok?! Is that so wrong? Apparently it is.)

7. You can’t find a job that satisfies all of your passions and values. 

Being passionate about what you do is important. It helps motivate you to try your best and go over and above. That can be reasonably easy to find in a traditional job, I’ll admit. But what I think is equally important is sharing common values as well, and that can be harder to come by. For me, I don’t want to sacrifice my personal values for a job. I value working with people I find inspiring, I value working with people that are kind, and I value working towards something more than profit. Working in a corporation, it can be hard to find all of those things. That’s what I struggle with at the moment, and why I think I’d be able to better work in line with both my passions and my values if I was my own boss.

So are you ready to be your own boss?

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