PROGRESS UPDATE – The Darcy Challenge: Financially Free by 2018

Classic gag – start a blog to document my journey to financial freedom, then get too busy actually trying to do that to post said journey on the blog…

So it’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted on here and I apologise for that. But I guess on the flip side, the reason I have been so busy is that I’ve been working hard to make my dream a reality! #belikedarcy

A lot has happened over the past few months.

1. I resigned from my job

Such an amazing feeling to finally hand in my letter of resignation at my full-time job. We locked in dates and booked flights to Australia for the first leg of our trip (more on that soon), and about 30minutes later I’d sent the letter to my boss. My last day at work will be 22 September, which is still six weeks away, but the end is in sight.

2. I started freelancing on the side

I’ve almost always had some sort of side gig outside of my day job, but once I made the decision that freelancing and making money independent of a traditional ‘job’ was what I wanted to do, I set about getting seriously stuck into freelancing on the side. I’ve taken on some regular work with freelance community, The Hoxby Collective, (I wrote a post all about this awesome company here) to start building up my freelance portfolio. This means I’m essentially working 50-60 hours a week, which is keeping me preeetty busy.

3. I’ve been working for free

And on top of all of that, I’ve also been volunteering my time to a not-for-profit app, providing writing and marketing consultancy for free (check out Good on You – it helps you discover ethical ratings on fashion brands – so great). Working for free is obviously not a sustainable option long-term, but while I’ve got money coming in through other channels I’ve got a bit more flexibility. I wanted to do whatever I could do to gain more relevant experience that I can draw on when I leave my job for good. This volunteer work is helping grow my writing portfolio and (hopefully) it will leave to actual paid work in the future.

So the countdown is well and truly on. I’m getting so pumped for what this next phase of my life will bring.

Time for an adventure!


Have you made any progress towards making your dreams a reality? Please share below and we can grow together!


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